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inkaliz Dog Repeller No Dog Noise Anti Barking Device Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent Devices Training 3 Modes USB Rechargeable

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Introducing the ultimate solution to curb your dog's excessive barking and address behavior problems effectively - the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Anti-Bark Control Device! 🐾

100% Safety Guarantee: Say goodbye to harmful sprays or chemicals! Our device utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology, making it completely harmless to your beloved pets, plants, and family members. Keep your furry friends safe while addressing their behavior. 🚫🌿

Powerful Dual Ultrasonic Sensors: Equipped with upgraded 3-channel high-pitched ultrasonic sensors operating at 20-25KHZ power frequency, our repeller ensures wider coverage up to 32ft, effectively deterring dogs within a 10-meter radius. No more worries during wild adventures or encounters with wolves! 🐺🔊

Multi-Functional Design: With three modes including Sound Mode, Ultrasonic Mode, and Flash Mode, our device offers versatile solutions tailored to your dog's behavior. Break your dog's immunity to specific sound waves effortlessly, offering a three-in-one solution to various behavior problems. 🎶✨

Easy to Carry: Designed for convenience, our handheld anti-bark repellent is compact and lightweight, fitting snugly into your pocket or hand with its included hanging string. Take control of your dog's behavior wherever you go! 🏞️🚶‍♂️

Long Battery Life: Powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, enjoy extended standby time of up to 6 months, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions and peace of mind. Simply recharge via the convenient micro USB charging port for flexible charging options. 🔋🔌

Curated Sound Wave Design: Our device emits dog-friendly ultrasonic waves, making it easier for your furry friend to understand and learn, without causing harm. Combined with a high-power LED flashlight, it provides comprehensive training and deterrent modes for effective behavior correction. 🐶💡

Say goodbye to nuisance barking and problematic behavior with our Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Anti-Bark Control Device. Invest in effective, safe, and portable training solutions today! 🐕🛑

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