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Ultrasonic Anti Dog Barking Trainer LED Light Gentle Chaser Petgentle Sonics

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Introducing our cutting-edge Dog Repellent and Training Device 🐾✨, a revolutionary product designed to ensure your safety and provide effective dog training solutions. This 100% brand new and high-quality device is your ultimate companion for outdoor activities, travel 🌲✈️, and night patrols 🌙👮.

Note: Battery not included.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Functionality: This versatile device serves a dual purpose. In its first gear, it functions as a powerful flashlight 🔦💡, providing a reliable source of illumination during nighttime activities. The second gear activates the Training mode 🐾🎓, allowing you to train your dog effectively. The third gear engages the Dog Driving mode 🚗🐕, emitting ultrasonic waves to repel dogs and ensure your safety.

  2. Double Channel Enhanced Technology: Our product boasts double channel enhanced technology, enabling dual dog training and excitation drive capabilities. The exquisite design makes it easy to carry 🎒, making it perfect for outdoor work, travel 🌍, and security night patrols.

  3. Powerful Ultrasonic Repellent: Worried about dog attacks or encountering wild wolves? Fear not! This device issues ultrasonic waves reaching up to an impressive 125 dB, audible to dogs but completely silent to humans 🤫🐶. 

  4. Multi-Functional Flashlight: In normal situations, this device serves as a high-quality flashlight, providing you with visibility during nighttime adventures or emergencies. Its dual-purpose design makes it a must-have tool for various scenarios.

  5. Dog Training at Your Fingertips: Whether you're a pet owner or a professional dog trainer, our device can be used to train dogs efficiently. The Training mode assists in reinforcing positive behaviors 🐾👍, making it an essential tool for dog lovers.

  6. Compact and Portable: The compact and portable design makes this device convenient for outdoor use. It's your ideal companion for hiking 🥾🏞️, camping ⛺, or any adventure where safety and dog training are paramount.

Invest in your safety and enhance your dog training efforts with our Dog Repellent and Training Device 🐕🔒. Order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with advanced technology tailored to meet your needs. 🛒✨


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